Remote Control Sony RMF-TX100E One-Flick with touchpad

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Remote control Sony RMF-TX100E
One-flick Remote Control
Built-in support for NFC
One-touch mirroring
Voice search for Android TV

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Remote Control Sony RMF-TX100E One-Flick with touchpad

Manage TV has never been so easy. Browse the options of entertainment, turning the pages with a simple gesture on the touchpad. Or just say out loud what you want to see and the remote control One-Flick will do for you the rest. It also supports connection via NFC, allowing to share content with NFC-compatible devices on the big screen.

  • Intuitive touch panel
  • Built-in microphone for voice search
  • Technology NFC One-Touch Mirroring
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless connection
  • Compatible with infrared emitter
  • Tech Data: RF (Bluetooth)
  • Power: Battery type AAA x 2
  • Dimensions: 5,18 x 12,79 x 1,88 cm.
  • Weight: 196 g
  • Black color

New. Original.
Package: Remote Sony RMF-TX100E.

List of TV that are compatible with remote control Sony RMF-TX100E:

Sony TV 2015 release on the platform Android TV.
KD-43X8300C, KD-43X8301C, KD-43X8305C, KD-43X8307C, KD-43X8308C, KD-43X8309C, KD-43X8500C, KD-49X8005C, KD-49X8300C, KD-49X8301C, KD-49X8305C, KD-49X8307C, KD- 49X8308C, KD-49X8309C, KD-49X8500C, KD-55S8005C, KD-55S8500C, KD-55S8505C, KD-55X8005C, KD-55X8500C, KD-55X8501C, KD-55X8505C, KD-55X8507C, KD-55X8508C, KD-55X8509C, KD-55X9000C, KD-55X9005C, KD-55X9300C, KD-55X9305C, KD-65S8005C, KD-65S8500C, KD-65S8505C, KD-65X8500C, KD-65X8501C, KD-65X8505C, KD-65X8507C, KD-65X8508C, KD- 65X8509C, KD-65X9000C, KD-65X9005C, KD-65X9300C, KD-65X9305C, KD-75X8500C, KD-75X8501C, KD-75X8505C, KD-75X9100C, KD-75X9105C, KD-75X9400C, KD-75X9405C, KDL-43W755C, KDL-43W756C, KDL-43W803C, KDL-43W805C, KDL-43W807C, KDL-43W808C, KDL-43W809C, KDL-50W755C, KDL-50W756C, KDL-50W805C, KDL-50W807C, KDL-50W808C, KDL-50W809C, KDL- 55W755C, KDL-55W756C, KDL-55W805C, KDL-55W807C, KDL-55W808C, KDL-55W809C, KDL-65W855C, KDL-65W857C, KDL-65W858C, KDL-65W859C, KDL-75W855C
And other models in the series W755C, W756C, W805C, W807C, W808C, W855C, X8305C, X8307C, X8507C, X8505C, S8505C, X9005C, X9305C, X9405C

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