4K-Sony TVs with the technology of X-tended Dynamic Range HDR

4K-телевизоры Sony с технологией X-tended Dynamic Range HDR

Sony TV in 2015 with support for 4K Ultra HD now with technology HDR.
Sony is paying great attention to the quality of picture and sound models BRAVIA. These traditional advantages of television brand Sony’s new line of ultra-thin design and complemented with comfortable user functions. In addition, almost all BRAVIA TVs in 2015 work on the basis of Android TV ™.

By the end of 2015 in the new Sony TVs with a resolution of 4K Ultra HD technology will support high dynamic range (HDR). In addition to the previously issued series X94C and X93C, Sony realizes compatibility with the HDR in the series, X90C, X85C and S85C through a network upgrade internal software [1]. With HDR increased depth of the black, increases the brightness and depth of color.

Extended dynamic range (HDR) provides greater brightness, thereby increasing the contrast of the image. By increasing the contrast, the viewer can discern the more subtle nuances of video as a deep black color and shadows and bright areas of white and other colors. HDR-compatible TVs will allow consumers to enjoy the lush vibrant colors, greater detail and expressed light colors, so the depth and clarity of the images will be far higher.

4K-телевизоры Sony с технологией X-tended Dynamic Range HDR
“Sony is pleased to offer its customers all the features of dynamic range models 4K Ultra HD-TVs. The company has always been a leader in the technology of HDR, offering a variety of products, from professional cameras to support this standard to the HDR-content produced by Sony Pictures, and the extended line of TVs with support for HDR. Only Sony offers a complete cycle of creating HDR-content, from capture to viewing in the living room, “- said Motoi Kawamura (Motoi Kawamura), general manager of planning and marketing of television products in Europe.

For example, Amazon was the first company to offer HDR-program audience with Prime subscriptions in Europe. In a series of Amazon Original, it was presented the show “Mozart in the Jungle» , and in the near future there will be new content and technology to support HDR.

Exclusive technology dynamic range Sony X-tended Dynamic Range, implemented in televisions series X94C and X93C, enhances the quality of TV viewing with support for HDR and without the expense of a deep black and bright white flowers. Technology X-tended Dynamic Range Sony TVs in series X93C increases the brightness range up to two times, and used in series X94C X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, which increases the brightness range up to three times.

[1] It will be available this year after a firmware update. Date of update will be announced separately.

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